Let Go

You can’t recapture the faith of your youth; it’s a disconnected, false reality.  A blissful prison.

Pull up every staked belief objectifying and falsifying and personifying a deity into understandable, compartmentalized rigidity.  Let Go.  Embrace an ontological stance that calls for nakedness and vulnerability.  Become one with the acute responsibility threading through your actions and posture and cultivated attitude.


Empty Space

Here and gone

Here and gone

Dry hands, pink skin

Loamy and smooth out of the earth

This is the place

I know it, the taste lingers from a recant past

Please let me dwell here, in the known

To what is native and natural

But ease has never been seductive

The empty, a dissonant solace

A space of being

The recesses need no retrace

None is found, for the path is naked of tracks

Barren of experiences, preconceptions, timidity of what was

You find me here, embark you say, ushering, absence of words

The void teems with lure to venture, to have not and know not

No familiarity in residence

Letting go is a slip, a descent, where effort finds no reception

How can you?

Respond:  I’m ashamed it’s existence still lingers

Atypical, uninsured, unprescribed

The call to an open repose, a silent receptivity

In the empty and fractured, within the crevices of proven and present

Abide, desolate encounters…are still encounters