Let Go

You can’t recapture the faith of your youth; it’s a disconnected, false reality.  A blissful prison.

Pull up every staked belief objectifying and falsifying and personifying a deity into understandable, compartmentalized rigidity.  Let Go.  Embrace an ontological stance that calls for nakedness and vulnerability.  Become one with the acute responsibility threading through your actions and posture and cultivated attitude.


Without Cadence

Art is pure worship, approachable to all and inviting full participation. Know that what you have to offer is worthy; it’s treasured and sought after.

Embedded within us is this creative spark, a mark of divinity, exciting us to bring more beauty and life and peace into the midst of others.  Art is formative to the human soul.  A child doesn’t worry about the possibility of let down, dripping paint, or excessive applicature of a particular color as he holds up his newest masterpiece before his mom.  Light and beauty are boundless because the source they are drawn from is boundless.  If we could only build and create like children, with the minds of our youth.  I want to muddle the lines, use too much of one color, blend hues and textures, let it run off the canvas and cover my skin, liberal and uninhibited in expression.


There’s true originality of worship seeking exposure in everyone through the penchant medium that makes us come alive.  Whether stemmed into tangible, hard matter of clay and tones of color, or the more enigmatic ambience filling a room with vibrations, develop non-attachment to a product that’s useful, performs a function, or has practical applications.  Reclaim the artist within:  sing, make music, write, grow, sculpt, and build in a way that’s adversative to utilitarian results and antagonistic to projected implications.  Remove hurry from artistic endeavors, how time is spent, and avenues of worship explored.  God, like a child so anticipatory and excited to give away their work and craftsmanship, be the same releasing every cadence and after placing that final period, giving and letting go of all.  When you keep the fruits of your actions, you also keep the seeds inside.  Non-attachment frees worship.

Seek Originality

Reawaken and revitalize the artist, musician, and creator within to worship.  I don’t need the permanence and meaning offered by developing a credible musical skill-set or accomplishing an immortality project through a body of work.  My identity lies in the creative life force within, not the created.  God, grow artisanship and the exploration of worship within, removing insecurities and the realization that there is no failure to be feared.  Allow room for improvisation and discovery.  Art is pure worship, approachable to all and inviting full participation.

In Hindu belief, mantras are always encouraged to be sung in your own version.  To worship to someone else’s version or display of worship recorded, is to have lost the “ragas” or flavor, that originality only you have to offer in the act.

Real, Broken Worship

Know that what you have to offer is worthy; it’s treasured and sought after.  His heart is moved in the acts of raw, vulnerable worship.  He seeks the openness; where tears replace words, pieces of broken alabaster jar surround his feet, and the fragrance of heartfelt, honest out pour fills the air.  He desires and craves the heretical questioning and curiosity, in it resides true humility and authenticity, bringing us to His presence.

May my life be one unresolved cadence of worship.