1. create and perform (music, drama, or verse) spontaneously or without preparation
  2. produce or make (something) from whatever is available

Indigenous languages tend to use verbs, rather than nouns as we do in English, as the foundation for communication. If we simply want to acquire “things,” then our present English language works fine. But if we want to relate with the world, make appropriate ecological choices, and rebuild collapsing environments, then we need to learn, think, and create in action words.

Improvisation calls me into humility, to lean into uncertainty and faith.  Creativity must be curated and risk taking breathed relevance as we embrace societal injustices in our midst, communing with our marginalized brothers and sisters.  Their strife is our strife. I want to create hope and perform preservation where complacency has made anemic our desire to respond to deficiencies in the well-being of our neighborhoods and communities.  I lack maturity, knowledge base in most areas, and competency.  

So let’s go improvise.  


Check out the following tabs to see projects going on in our city.

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